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Pilot Code: SWI318

(United States) Alec Stelloh

Pilot Code: SWI317

(France) Rafael Cardiga

Pilot Code: SWI316

(Tunisia) Atef Wesl

Pilot Code: SWI315

(United Kingdom) Charles Taylor

Pilot Code: SWI314

(Portugal) João Campos

Latest NEWS

24 May

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner


With the recent release of the QualityWings Boeing 787 addon, and being of such a high quality, we couldn't let the opportunity pass to grow our fleet a bit more and purchase two of these brand new Boeings.

They are currently on the paint hangar and should be available for your flying pleasure real soon! We have decided for the Boeing 787-9 model, being the most versatile of the three.

01 May

ACARS 2.6 Released

Hello Captains,

As promised, SunACARS 2.6 has been released with the following bugfixes:

- Updated time reader functions for X-Plane. Hopefully flight times are corrected
- A bit more sensitive descend phase detection
- Minor cosmetic fixes in the information screen
- Fixed potential non-catastrophic crash when viewing IVAO online ATC positions

X-Plane users should also download the newest XPUIPC plugin from the downloads page. Please report any issues to us.

23 Apr



We have updated XPUIPC to version on our downloads section. XPUIPC is developed externally and can be found here as well https://german-xflight.de/forum/index.php?resources/xpuipc.4/

We are almost ready to release our new ACARS version that alongside XPUIPC should have all X-Plane issues fixed hopefully.

03 Apr

New ACARS version

Hello Captains,

We are working on a new version of our ACARS, currently under testing, that will fix some issues found in the X-Plane logs as well as some other minor cosmetic/functional problems. Expect more news soon!

Safe flights!

Discover our current TOURS

European IFR Tour 2017 ACTIVE Depart from the beautiful Terceira Island in the Azores, head south to meet the challenging Madeira approach, then fly east to inner europe, and visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world. We selected most destinations carefully so that amazing scenery addons are also available to enhance the whole tour experience. This new European tour is comprised of 20 legs and extends itself over 15000nm. Enjoy flying in beautiful Europe!
IFR World Tour 2016 ACTIVE This year we decided to go on par with IVAO and mimic their IFR International World Tour as it has already been requested by many of our pilots.

As previously stated, this is an IFR tour, it can be flown with any type of aircraft from our fleet, and as usual, proper planning should be made in order to choose the best aircraft for each leg.

Depart from Dallas, heading to Canada to later on descend and head west to cross the Pacific Ocean towards Australia, Indonesia and then Japan. Move further west, also visiting Africa and finally head up north to cross the Atlantic back to Dallas.

Enjoy this very long world tour, which will be in activity during the whole year of 2016.
Discovering USA ACTIVE Explore cosmopolitan cities, small country towns and picturesque landscapes, and discover the New World for yourself in this long tour across the USA.

Fly into the crazyness of Los Angeles, hike down into the mighty Grand Canyon, explore the majestic Niagara Falls while also visiting the 'Big Apple', New York City. Your voyage through the jagged peaks, glacier-carved valleys and pristine blue lakes of the Canadian Rockies is a treat for the senses.

Enjoy the United States Tour!
Dangerous Airports 2016 ACTIVE Welcome to the Dangerous Airports Tour 2016! Embark on an exciting adventure where danger will be your constant company, facing challenging approaches and tricky procedures sometimes even more difficult due to adverse weather conditions or extreme altitudes.

Choose your aircraft wisely as some airports do not allow certain types to land. Not only that, but some are IMPOSSIBLE to land due to their characteristics.

Due to the characteristics of the system, some legs turned out to be quite long (2400nm max). We have tried our best to have a good compromise between fun and flight length to visit some of the most dangerous airports around the world.

Enjoy the dangerous tour and safe landings above all!